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Patient Certification

Your Puerto Rico Cannabis certification is now easier than ever to get.  Just  follow our three easy steps and you will be enjoying Puerto Rico’s finest Cannabis before you know it. 

Start the process

  • Visit your nearest Sinsemilla Dispensary or contact us.
  • You must bring a valid (not expired) identification such as Passport, Real ID, or Driver’s License. Additionally, $40.00 in cash to cover the doctor’s fees and a service fee from the Department of Health.
  • At the Dispensary, you must provide you personal health information. This includes full name, social security number, address, email, the medical condition for which you are applying for the license, phone number (active and where the doctor can contact you), among others. All this information is confidential. It will only be accessible to dispensary staff, the doctor, and personnel from the Medicinal Cannabis Office of the Department of Health.

Talk to Doctor for medical cannabis recommendation

  • Your information is referred to a Doctor Authorized by Puerto Rico Health Department.
  • The doctor’s secretary will get in touch with you to confirm the provided information.
  • Subsequently, the doctor will contact you via a phone call.  This is the opportunity to explain your health condition, current treatments, and other relevant information.
  • After concluding the consultation, the doctor will submit your medical recommendation to the Department of Health platform. 
  • Note: It is crucial to ensure that the phone number you provide is your current number, and any changes should be promptly notified. Please answer calls from any unknown number, even if it appears as “Spam Risk.” Additionally, if you have any doubts regarding your appointment, please contact the dispensary.

Finalize Puerto Rico Cannabis Certification

  • Your application will be submitted to the Medicinal Cannabis Office of the Department of Health.
  • Approval of your application may take approximately 10 business days. These exclude holidays, weekends, and any other situation that may interrupt office operations. If your waiting period exceeds 14 days, surely you can contact the dispensary or the Department of Health at (787-765-2929 ext. 3504).
  • Once your application is approved, the dispensary staff will get in touch with you for you to pick up your Puerto Rico cannabis certification. Lastly, enjoy a unique experience at your preferred Sinsemilla dispensary.

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