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Rum has been part of Puerto Rico’s landscape and history for centuries. Nothing better illustrates this fact than the presence of Casa BACARDÍ Puerto Rico. This is more than just a rum distillery in one of the places best known for the spirit. It is the largest rum distillery to be found anywhere un the world. It is a sprawling testament to one of the most popular, perhaps even iconic, imports in the history of the island territory. It is also the headquarters for Bacardi, which remains a heavyweight in the world of rum production. They continue to be the first name in high-quality rum, as far as many people from all around the globe are concerned.

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Facts About Casa Bacardi

Just a fifteen minute drive from San Juan, Casa Bacardi can be found in the town known as Catano. The distillery serves many purposes. It is particularly popular with visitors to the region, offering tastings, historical tours, special events, and more. It is the epicenter of a rum company whose name is deeply and profoundly synonymous with Puerto Rico. One could argue that by learning about the history of this distillery, which includes the history of Bacardi rum itself, you are also learning about the history of Puerto Rico itself.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Bacardi would be the fact that it remains a family-owned company. Considering they first opened their doors in 1862, albeit in Cuba, this is quite extraordinary. The first distillery under the Bacardi name was opened by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, a Spaniard who made his way Cuba some thirty years earlier. It was his unique, still-largely-unknown distillation process that led to the creation of one of the most popular spirits in modern history. Even the distinctive fruit bat logo, which continues to adorn the Bacardi bottle to this day, has its origins in the first Bacardi distillery. In addition to producing room, the space was also home to a family of bats.

As time went on, the company eventually established their presence in Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. However, due to political unrest in the 1960s, the Cuban operation was closed for good. Today, Casa Bacardi stands as the primary distillery in the company. Because Casa Bacardi is the main branch of Bacardi’s production line, it is also something of a museum. Visitors to Casa Bacardi can learn about this history, while also sampling the best of what the company has to offer.

Casa Bacardi In The Present

There are a ton of reasons to visit Casa Bacardi in the present day. Much of the facility itself can be explored through guided tours. This can even include a look at certain aspects of the distillation process. Obviously, you won’t learn everything, but you will have a better idea of how the company continues to be highly-regarded after 150+ years. The earliest examples of Bacardi rum bottles can be studied here. You can also take note of the many, many, many medals for excellence that the company has won over the years.

However, it could be argued that the most popular feature at Casa Bacardi is the luxurious outdoor bar. Not only can you enjoy the finest drinks and samples that Bacardi has to offer, but you can also take in your spectacular surroundings. It isn’t hard to understand why this remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Puerto Rico.

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