Central Park de San Juan

San Juan’s Central Park is a great place to visit. This is true of for not only locals, but for anyone visiting the island, as well. Parque Crissy González is just one example of what this impressive area has to offer. Simply put, whether you want to take a stroll, enjoy a picnic, or engage in activities with friends and family, Central Park in San Juan will be able to accommodate you nicely. It is another stellar example of what this area has to offer. The sprawling park runs approximately 4.4 miles, which translates to approximately 10, 000 steps.

Because of the ease associated with the paths and other features that make up the park, Central Park is considered to be an ideal possibility for anyone of any age. If you want to build a day of activities around visiting one of our medical marijuana dispensaries in Puerto Rico, we would strongly suggest adding San Juan Central Park to your itinerary. Its offerings are suited for solo ventures, couples, or even the entire family. Sinsemilla is close by in San Juan. Check out our webpage for further info.

San Juan Central Park History

Not surprisingly, Central Park in San Juan has been around for quite a long time. It has deep historical ties to the modern concept of Puerto Rico. Because of its spaciousness, combined with its wide array of activities and nearby destinations, it is a beloved fixture among all. Visitors enjoy the scenic beauty of the park and the region. Locals enjoy Central Park as a long-standing part of the community. This is what we mean, when we say this park has something to offer just about anyone of any age.

Close to the Puerto Nuevo River, San Juan Central Park also offers the famous San Juan Natatorium. This Olympic-sized aquatic sports arena is one of the major points of interest for the park. Opened in December of 2006, the facility can pack in as many as 2000 people. It has the distinction of being the most advanced example of a natatorium in the entire Caribbean. Yes, you read that correctly. Furthermore, it also has the distinction of being the fourth most-advanced example on the entire planet. Again, yes, you read that correctly.

Major events have been held there, including the 2010 Summer Nationals, as part of the U.S. Masters Swimming event. All told, the facility cost more than 28 million dollars to construct. It was also damaged quite badly, due to the events of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Extensive repairs were needed to restore the building, which reopened in January of last year.

San Juan Central Park In The Present

At the same time, understand that the San Juan Natatorium is just one example of what this extraordinary park has to offer. There are facilities and spaces for a number of different activities, including the tennis courts we mentioned at the beginning of this article. The tennis facilities in particular are considered to be some of the finest in the area. They stand as just one of the opportunities you can explore for yourself, if you decide to add this destination to your list of places to visit in San Juan.

Keep in mind that visiting the park is free, but there is a charge for parking. It should only cost $2. Once you have parked, you are free to enjoy San Juan Central Park as you see fit. Everything within the park should be free to use. However, there are sometimes special events held at Central Park, which may or may not carry a cover charge of some kind.

Ultimately, you can decide for yourself what you would like to do while visiting. Just make sure to do so!

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