San Patricio Forest

Also known as Bosque Urbano de San Patricio, the forest known as San Patricio is one of the most remarkable things to do in Puerto Rico. San Patricio Forest can be quite frankly breathtaking. It can also be a bit on the eerie side. This is perhaps due to the presence of ancient, aged buildings. These structures have all but returned to nature. What remains are remnants of humanity’s desire to establish a foothold in any part of the world. What you have now is a space filled with aged buildings, as well as a seemingly endless array of animals and plant life. There is a unique serenity to this forest that must be seen to be appreciated.

Certainly, if you are looking for something unusual to do with your time in Puerto Rico, once you’ve checked out one of our world-famous dispensaries in Puerto Rico, San Patricio should be at the top of your list. With a little background, you will be able to see why this is such a stellar example of the many attractions that serve to define not only San Juan, but Puerto Rico, as well.

San Patricio Forest

San Patricio History

Where did these buildings come from? Answering this question reveals two things. One, it showcases one of San Juan’s best tourist destinations. Two, it reminds us in no uncertain terms that sooner or later, nature will take itself back from people. The buildings themselves are not particularly remarkable. However, when they are combined with the greenery and wildlife of the area, you are left with something that will fascinate you on a multitude of levels.

It was in the 1960s that the area was cultivated to establish bases for the United States Navy. The area at one point was bustling enough to include roads, an assortment of buildings, and even sidewalks. However, as is often the case when a heavily-wooded region is transformed into an urban landscape, maintaining the space proved difficult. Housing developments were explored, but ultimately, several buildings were demolished, all plans were left by the wayside, and the area eventually fell under government protection. By the end of the 1970s, the presence of the U.S. Navy in the area was gone.

In the present, the space is maintained and owned by Departamento De Recursos Naturales y Ambientales, also known as the DRNA. Should you want to visit this area in the present, you will find a gorgeous park. One that is made all the more unique by the traces of human development that still remain.

San Patricio In The Present

Today, San Patricio is a unique park-like space that is frequented by families, individuals, couples, and certainly tourists. It is not uncommon to see locals visiting and playing. You will simply park just outside the entrance, and walk in as you please. The area also features handicapped parking.

There are no specific points of interest in the forest. It is simply a series of trails and paths that wind through what remains of the U.S. Navy. The forestry is a singular combination of natural plant life and landscaping greenery. It’s a great place to visit after a trip to Sinsemilla and enjoy nature while experiencing the effects of our top-shelf cannabis. The buildings themselves, the ones which remain, have naturally fallen into serious disrepair. The forest itself now covers many different elements of what the Navy left behind. You will soon realize the old paths you’re walking along were in fact at some point legitimate roads and sidewalks. There are obviously no plans to restore this space, in terms of the housing development, or anything else along those lines.

You do not need an appointment to visit San Patricio. Nothing is charged for admission to the area. All you need is a couple of hours to kill.

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