Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan, also known as Old San Juan, is a popular Puerto Rican destination located in the Caribbean. Blessed with a rich history that dates back hundreds of years, the area is noted also for its magnificent forts that date back over five centuries, romantic landscape, excellent culinary scene, elegant vibes, and festive nature of the locals. This is a certainly a destination like no other!

For those that have had the opportunity to visit, Viejo San Juan is regarded by many as the Paris of the Caribbean as it is a magical place that is worth exploring in depth. Whether on your own or with a local tour guide, the islet provides scenic views of San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, at night, the city lights up with a view that is a sight to behold from one of three bridges that connect to the main islands.

Viejo San Juan Docks

Enjoy the Local Sites

With so many attractions in Viejo San Juan, it is easy to see why it continues to be such popular place to visit. Tourists have their choice from several premier hotels that line the beaches and the center, and foodies can try out great entrees that the area is known for. Depending on your budget, there are budget inns as well as luxury hotels that cater to your every whim. World-class shopping is within walking distance of most areas, and visitors can buy locals souvenirs, experience a local cannabis dispensary, or even rent jet skit and snorkel on a day trip. The local community of Viejo San Juan is famous for their hospitality and are regarded as some of the warmest people in the world. With so many official celebrations throughout the year in Puerto Rico, visitors to the city can expect to mingle with the natives and soak up their music, culture, and traditions that make it so distinctive.

Destination for Lovers

From the moment you land in Viejo San Juan, you will feel an intense spark all around, making this a favorite wedding destination for couples that want a romantic mood to envelop their stay. As one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean, Viejo San Juan is laidback and relaxed, with several little intimate spots embedded throughout the city. From taking a walk around the city on an afternoon stroll to enjoying a late night out at a popular local restaurant, romance is always in the air in Viejo San Juan.

A Rich History

Nestled on just 7 blocks, the Viejo San Juan historic district has lots of interesting attractions for such a small area. Another destination not to miss while here is the San Juan National Historic Site, spread out over two old forts that are over 500 years old. Another option to see as much of the city is to rent a car and go on a day trip that encompasses as much as you can fit in during the vacation.

The Streets Have Energy

One of the best ways to see the city is simply to stroll through the center and take in the beautiful scenery. The history and ambiance cannot be underestimated and every street has something new to offer. From one plaza to another, you will encounter the locals relaxing in coffee shops and in parks, and with the weather so agreeable and the winds cooling, it will be an escape to remember.

Enchanting Architecture

Viejo San Juan features Spanish colonial architecture that exudes the richness and character of its motherland. Puerto Rico respects the rich history of the region, and the buildings there are expressive in their layout and colors that give them a vibrant glow. Visitors to Viejo San Juan can see the restored buildings along with newer ones that boast the latest trends in architecture.
Viejo San Juan is a welcoming destination that is ready to take you in and expose all of its charms.

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