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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)?

Medical marijuana is a term for derivatives of the Cannabis sativa plant that are used to ease symptoms caused by certain medical conditions. You should consult with your medical doctor for additional information on this matter.

What is the Cannabis composed of?

Cannabis sativa contains many active compounds. The best known are delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Is Cannabis legal?

U.S. federal law prohibits the use of whole plant Cannabis sativa or its derivatives for any purpose. In contrast, CBD derived from the hemp plant (less than 0.3% THC) is legal under federal law. However, many states, such as Puerto Rico allow THC to be used for medical reasons.

What are the approved medical conditions in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the most inclusive Medical Cannabis jurisdictions.  The following conditions are valid in order to get a medical cannabis certification.   Alzheimer, Anorexia, Arthritis, Autism, Cancer and Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, as defined in DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), Disorders related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Positive, Degenerative diseases such as: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Incurable and advanced diseases that require palliative care, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C,  Insomnia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Migraine, Peripherial Neuropathies, Parkinson's, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Bipolar Disorder, any other condition that causes cachexia, Chronic pain, Severe nausea or persistent muscle spasms.

Is it legal to get your medical cannabis license online?

Yes! Law 42-2017 authorizes doctors to prescribe Cannabis for medicinal use when treating certain conditions. Law 169-2018 authorizes the use of telemedicine and the online management service with the patient’s consent to process their application on their behalf at the Department of Health.